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Right now, together with many people, Business Owners, CEOs and Entrepreneurs are under a lot of pressure. They are the ones with the most responsibility in the room and despite what people think, the good leaders at least, often put themselves last in the queue.

They have the pressure to make the right decisions for company survival, provide security for their staff and also their families. Yet with all this pressure they have to appear unflustered, positive and the person with a plan.

The reality is despite this outward facing confidence, inside leaders are stressed to an unhealthy point of overwhelm and burnout. And when they finally go down, everyone loses!

Maybe you know someone like this? Or
is this you?

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This is Not Covid Exclusive!

During the pandemic this somewhat previously hidden leadership issue has gained some limelight and yet we must remember this issue is not COVID-19 exclusive! 

The author had originally planned to launch this book after the pandemic. Now, with the end so uncertain he felt it was a better time to release the book. It is time to contribute towards helping people with these ideas and concise concepts.

To create the biggest impact and get this content into as many hands as possible the decision was also to launch this for FREE to people that get this link.

Packed with lessons, quotes and new tools based on Stoicism, NLP, Psychology Coaching. The author comes at this topic from the experience of being a CEO & Business Owner for over 10 years.

This book is Lee presenting his seven top insights to achieve one of life's ultimate transferable core skills; Personal Resilience.

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As a Business Owner and Leader you do not have the option to waste time, money, or energy – especially during a pandemic or recovery!  

By reading this concise book you are going to be filling your mind with strategies and tactics that will last a lifetime, long after this pandemic. They will help prepare you for any uncertain time in the future.

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What's Inside?

Inside this book you will learn...


How you can get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Reframing a present struggle as a future badge of honour.


A trick to find the Equal and Opposite of anything.


How to be aware of the one thing that is in your control


Why it is important to Focus on Progress and not the Goal


Learn how to protect the one thing that is non-refundable

It is possible that just ONE of these could create a positive transformation TODAY!

7PM2™ Coaching & Mentoring

Create your LifeGoalStar™.

To help celebrate the launch of 7PM2™ Coaching & Mentoring, a Premium Professional & Personal Development company, the free digital copy of the Get Resilience book includes the LifeGoalStar™. A powerful tool that provides you with the ability to become aware of the multiple aspects of life you have.

The LifeGoalStar™ not only brings awareness to the fact these aspects exist, it also, with the accompanying exercise allows you to learn what drives you in each area of your life.

Three One Method™ 

Reverse Engineer and achieve your 10 Year Vision.

The free digital copy of the Get Resilience book also includes an introduction to the author's proprietary coaching methodology, the ThreeOneMethod™.

By combining the logic of executing business with science and psychology, the ThreeOneMethod™ helps you define a 10 Year Vision and then guides you through reverse engineering and achieving this vision. Learn that 'what your mind and heart can conceive, you can achieve!'

After reading the Book

What people are saying...

Mike Barnett

Co-Founder & Dircetor 

I feel its a very exciting time for Lee to be sharing this aspect of himself, because up until recently it's something I've only experienced privately with my tremendous respect and gratitude.

Sam DYer

Raven Dragon
Owner & NLP Master Practitioner Coach

Lee operates at a very high level. He's strategic and stoic as well as being someone who thrives on taking action. He lives and breathes integrity.

Get ResiliencE
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About The Author

Lee Groombridge has over a decade of experience running businesses, from boot-strapped start-up, through to scaling-up and acquisition. He now owns and runs the Groombridge Group, formed to allow the freedom to pursue a mission closer to home, to provide services and publish content to help business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Groombridge Group Mission:
"With integrity and co-elevation ensure leaders of today and tomorrow, those with the most responsibility and greatest impact on others, operate from a place of congruence, consistency and stability of mindset, even in uncertain times."

Lee's personal business journey has seen him through a career in web development, specialist magazine publishing and Internet Advertising. He has been fortunate to work with some talented business owners, colleagues and co-founders that saw an Ad Tech start-up reach 7-figures and was eventually acquired.

Although this decade long experience the CEO of a high-growth start-up was a good one and concluded in 2019 with success, Lee somehow found himself at his lowest point mentally, something was not right!

Being known by the people around him as a person that always has a strategy, 'bigger picture before details', with the support of his wife and family Lee resigned from the company he had built....with no plan!

Knowing he could not be the only person that experiences this type of thing, Lee set out on a mission to spend the following year focusing on exactly why, even though everything around him was great, and not being alone, he still felt lonely and isolated.

This journey saw Lee achieve a life long goal in self-development, becoming an accredited NLP Master Practitioner & certified Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Coach. This quickly lead to Lee revisiting a methodology he started creating in 2009, now named the ThreeOneMethod™ and launching a company called 7PM2™ Coaching, Mentoring and Training.

What Lee has to say...

"This book (Get Resilience) is a great introduction to concepts, insight and knowledge I have on various topics such as; Stoicism Philosophy, NLP, Productivity Hacking, Entrepreneurship. I'm excited to see how these seven distilled practical concepts and tools resonate with people. I'm also looking forward to seeing and hearing the impact of some, if not all, of them will be practically used by others. This is the first of a few books in the making that will demonstrate my energy and passion to help and support people in a useful, practical and intelligent way."

Lee Groombridge / Author of Get Resilience / LeeGroombridge.com


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Get Resilience.
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Get Resilience is a curated collection of 7 insights to get one of life's ultimate transferable core skills; Personal Resilience.

It’s packed with lessons, quotes, tools and challenges to give you the 'ability of quality decision in uncertain time'.

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